Vidushi Asha Chandrashekhara Adiga

Guru Asha is a world-class Indian classically trained Dancer, Choreographer, Musician, Artistic director, Composer, Educator who resides in Illinois, USA.
For over 30 years, Asha has performed on prestigious stages in the world, created innovative artistic work, won many prizes and is honored with many awards.

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“Art is our way of life ”

"Dance and music is a fusion of
body, mind, soul "

  • Asha Adiga Acharya is an artist par excellence

  • Versatile choreographer and artistic director of repute

  • Venerated guru of Bharatanatyam  and Carnatic classical music


Asha Adiga is a phenomenal performer.

Asha’s “Nupura Geetha” ensemble team has excellent dance and music group productions.

Acharya Performing Arts Academy’s Indian classical dance and music classes are ideal for 3 1/2 years old children to adults and designed for them to learn not only particular dance and song item but also classical dance/music techniques.

All levels of students (beginners to experienced) are welcome to join the academy.